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Cultural Intelligence for

Education Institutions 

Australia continues to be a key destination for international

students at ELICOS, Foundation Studies and Tertiary levels. 

While we cater for the academic skill set of students well, there is

still a gap to bridge when it comes to culture.

Green Dragon works with academic and professional staff to develop
greater intercultural competence.  We do this by getting staff to look at Cultural Values (their own and those of others), engaging in action-oriented learning activities and implementing development plans.  All this in a practical, work-related context.  
For international students, Green Dragon assists students to better integrate into school and campus life and more long term, we provide the first steps towards employability in an Australian work context.
Global Mobility Orientation programs are a natural fit with the work that Green Dragon engages in. Developing students' cultural intelligence before a study abroad program is the difference between a pedestrian experience and a transformational one.
Liz Lor is a Certified CQ Certification Professional (Cultural Intelligence Center, USA).

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