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Cultural Intelligence in our new Zoom world

I still have my old  Pan Am badge from when I was a child and flew to the U.S, for the first time.  I became part of the Kids Flying Club and also received a book which would be stamped for every flight that I would take.  It was thrilling and exotic and way back then.

We now live in a time when other countries are less of a mystery, seem somewhat similar to our home countries and are much more accessible.  The pandemic of 2020 has brought this to the fore in may ways as we have been plummeted into a Zoom world where are are regularly holding audience with those across the seas on a weekly if not daily basis.  

Does culture really matter?

Between the years 1988 to 1998, the loss rate at Korean Air (the number of times an aeroplane went down), was 4.79 per million departures. To put this in perspective, the loss rate for an American airliner like United Airlines was .27 million per million departures during the same period. For Korean Airlines, it was a staggering 17 times higher.  A tragic fact. And it may seem nothing more than that. Until you analyse it more and realise that culture had a huge bearing on what happened.

Stop with the cynicism and embrace a culture of giving

Is there a bit of tall poppy syndrome rearing its ugly head?  Andrew "Twiggy" Forrest has recently donated $400 million to a number of worthy causes and some of us are questioning the altruism, of this.  The donation through the Minderoo Foundation is the single biggest gift by a living person in Australia.


Women and Leadership: What's happening in Asia?

Office flower,  Career woman,  Harajuku girls.  Single minded political leader.  Tokyo University graduate who works as a secretary.  The artistic, bohemian Yayoi Kusama.  Actress Rinko Kikuchi.  Japan has an abundance of imagery when it comes to exploring the identity of women.

Lessons From The Big Top for Business

Cirque du Soleil has just left town and with it, the dazzling display of super human endurance and discipline.  Yes - we were left open-mouthed and in awe of the sound and lights, the show biz buzz.  But make no mistake - behind the glamour is a well-oiled business that uses deliberate strategies worth casting an eye over.

The Big Five Personality Traits: Implications for Leadership and Working With Diverse Cultures
We've all worked with them.  People who should communicate more.  People who have too big a personality.  People who are so frustratingly difficult that you feel like locking yourself in a dark room at the end of a work day.  
Across the Asia Pacific and Back Again

Census results are in.  This year's results show that about half of Australians were born overseas, or had at least one parent born overseas.  Incredibly, about one million Australians were born in China or India - and these two countries are the biggest sources of migration to Australia.  

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